Manhattan Express

We express your envelopes or small packages same day within Manhattan / Nearby with Flat Rates

$34 Flat Rate Manhattan Express Messenger Service - Small Package Delivery - No Account Needed - Order Instantly $34 Flat Rate Manhattan Express Messenger Service - Small Package Delivery - No Account Needed - Order Instantly

Terms and Other Charges updated 4/19/18

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$10 processing fee

Canceled after pick up

Sorry, No Refunds


We do NOT ship: perishables, illegal items, valuable items, cash, packages over 50 LBS.  Illegal items will be turned over to the police department and charges filed against the accountant.

Notes / Additional Terms

  • Rates shown are for online ordering.  Orders are not accepted over the phone.  For help, call us at 212 457 1414
  • We reserve the right to cancel any order if staff unavailable or for other reasons.
  • We reserve the right to adjust the price if incorrectly ordered
  • Payments are processed by  Charges appear on your statement as a variance PayPalFreshnyc
  • Orders that miss the 4 hour deadline will be charged half price, except for circumstances beyond our control or if the order had the incorrect information (ie wrong address)
  • INSURANCE: All orders are insured up to $100 per delivery.  We will pay up to $100 for any physical damages or loss of package while in our transit (pick up thru delivery at address).  We do NOT pay out a claim for  orders that were late or misdirected, stolen after delivery when no one was there to accept it, packages incorrectly sealed for transport, or if a delivery delay, or cancellation that cause your (business) loss or death. If you order exceeds this, you must purchase your own insurance.  Email us to make a claim within 24 hours.  NO INSURANCE PAYOUTS FOR ANY CIRCUMSTANCE NOT HERE TO EXCEED $100 PER ORDER.
  • Use of Fraudulent Cards for payment will be referred to the FBI or authorities
  • Any lawsuits filed against us must be filed in New York, NY
  • We use to process all deliveries and to process all payments.  By using our service (placing orders) or viewing our website(s), you agree to their terms, and to our terms; oral orders (placed via phone, fax, email or other way besides the form), you agree to the same terms.  We reserve the right to change these terms from time to time to clarify them.
  • Not affiliated with any other service KissCouriers and Executive Messengers.


Delivery is within 2-4 hours for Manhattan*

Rates are for Envelopes under 10 Lbs.  Packages 10-50 lbs / Oversize, add $9.95

Your Rate:the Route is Manhattan south of 96th street and:

*Outside Manhattan delivery may be longer