Manhattan Express

We express your envelopes or small packages same day within Manhattan / Nearby with Flat Rates

$34 Flat Rate Manhattan Express Messenger Service - Small Package Delivery - No Account Needed - Order Instantly $34 Flat Rate Manhattan Express Messenger Service - Small Package Delivery - No Account Needed - Order Instantly


Get answers to questions frequently asked.  If you do not see your question, email us at

Q: Can I Place an Order on the Phone?

A: We take orders only via online form.  This allows for accuracy and documentation.

Q: Do you transport freight?

A: Only packages up to 50 Lbs.  We courier by bike, foot, subway only.  Orders must fit in a courier bag or can be carried.

Q: I have 2 small boxes.  Is that extra?

A: As long as they are a total under 50 lbs and can be carried they count as one order.

Q: I have a pick up outside of Manhattan or my delivery is not in the area listed - what should I do?

A: Submit a Quick Inquiry first to get a quote

Q: Can I pay on delivery

A: Orders are only processed upon payment

Q: Can I pay cash?

A; If your pick up is south of 96st, we will accept cash.  Exact change only - Daily 9-6.  Cash is not accepted on deliveries or outside Manhattan or above 96 st.

Q: Im not sure if I have the correct rate filling out the form.

A: The Rate is calculated by one point that is below 96st in the order and the point selected in the drop down on the form.  If you are still not sure, place a Quick Inquiry instead.

Q: I need to cancel an order after I placed it

A: Email us with your Order number (3 digits) found in your email.  $10 Cancellation fee before pick up.  After pick up there is no refunds.

Q: How do I keep track of my order?

A; We email you when a messenger is assigned to your order.  In that e-mail there is a direct number to text them with questions.  Keep in mind they are busy and cant respond right away.  If they need assistance from you, they will call you at the mobile listed on the form.  Also, we’ll send you an auto-email when the order is picked up and one when it is delivered.

Q: Do you offer billing?

A; All order are pre paid as you go.

Q: Can I get a delivery in an hour?

A; You can submit a Quick Inquiry to check availability.  The system is set up to deliver within 2 to 4 hours in Manhattan.  On light volume hours, you can get a delivery closer to 2 hours, but this depends on distance as well.